1. Does my husband or wife have to attend the Homebuyer Workshop?

Answer: Only one person on the loan is required to attend the workshop


2. Does the Down Payment Assistance from UNI apply to the Parrish View Subdivision?

Answer: No, the Down Payment Assistance can only be applied to the UNI affordable housing projects


3. What is the cost of a home in the Parrish View Subdivision?

Answer: Approximately a mid $200,000 investment which includes lot price of $16,000. Prices vary based on appraisal


4. What is the price for single family homes under construction

Answer: At the completion of construction an appraisal is ordered to determine the listing price. An appraisal can also be ordered based on estimated rehab cost during the construction process


5.  Where do I start if I am interested in UNI's properties?


a) Sign up and complete the Homebuyers Educational Workshop

b) Pre-approved letter from lender

c) Must be primary resident of Hammond Indiana

d) Income qualified per current HUD income Guidelines, based on family size


6. Can I use UNI dollars and HOMEBOUND dollars together for down payment assistance, if I am purchasing a UNI home?

Answer: Only the UNI assistance can be used

Ways to Become a Partner


United Neighborhoods Inc. (UNI) is a 501 (c) (3). Organization with a primary focus in the many facets of home ownership. Our mission is to engage people of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds and give them the tools necessary to realize the dream of owning their own home.


UNI currently has a partnership with:

  • Continuum of Care Network


  • Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

  • Northwest Indiana Reinvestment Alliance


Sponsorship Opportunity


In our effort to empower the community we serve, we offer FREE monthly Home Buyer Education workshops. These workshops are facilitated by Toyia Moore, Certified Housing Counselor in accordance with HUD rules and regulations. The topics include budgeting, credit building, home inspections, down payment assistance programs, and much more. Our classes are advertised on UNI website, and  social media page . The classes are frequently filled to capacity (5 to 8 participants).


As a sponsor, this opportunity is available to you. To ensure the continuance of these informative workshops, we are asking for your financial support. Please click on the link below "Sponsor Request Form" and keep in mind that any amount is appreciated.


















United Neighborhood, Inc

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